What is OP Newsletter?

Dear All,

As some of the readers have been requesting to post more information about the OP Newsletter, I have added one page fully devoted to OP Newsletter. Please read it for more information about OP Newsletter. I will continue to enhance this. I didn’t want to load it with the marketing blah blah, so tried to keep it simple answering most freequently asked questions.

The past two months performance has been great delivering over 20% returns every month. 3rd month is in the making and I am looking for opening new trades. Now OPN is ready to move-up to another leg by ending the promotional period soon.

From July 1, 2007 onwards the OP newsletter will be priced at US$48/month. However, if you decide to sign-up for the annual package now at US$336, this rate US$28/month (less than $1 per day) will continue for next 12months.

If you are an existing subscriber and your subscription is renewed by June 30, you will continue to enjoy same rate till your subscription completes.

If you decide to sign-up for a monthly subscription between now and July 1, 2007, you will enjoy the same rate i.e. US$28/month.

Any subscription on or after July 1, will cost US$48/month.

Thanks for your support,
Profitable trading, OP






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  1. ashvini Avatar

    dear sir i am intrested in your news letter,tell me in detail that for which market you are recmonding to trade[ex.i am trading in indian market like s&p cnx nifty,sensex.so that is your stratagies are benefetial for me?]

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