Welcome Monday, Best-of-Breed, India and NEW

Introducing OptionPundit’s “best of breed”.

This is “best of breed” page at OptionPundit. Here I have assembled Top 25 bloggers that I respect and read quite often. I have collected feeds as available to general public from respective blogs and I brought it for my OP readers to give an overall perspective of what top bloggers are thinking. This page will display 15 posts and the page is updated automatically every 10 minutes and all posts are listed in the most recent order. Please note all the copyrights and views, for respective feeds, are owned by their respective owners and I am in no way financially linked with them to display their feeds here. OptionPundit encourages its readers to visit the individual sites or blogs to benefit from the wealth of information available at their respective sites or blogs. Enjoy reading it regularly and don’t forget to give them appropriate credit if you benefit from their information.

Here is my best investment of the year so far: Holiday. Currently I am in India, traveling her Northern region. The weather is beautiful and the rain infused more life to it. Tomorrow, I am planning to travel by open-fields especially the spans of sugarcane farms. Later part includes the white water River Ganges. It has never stopped to amaze me.

BTW, Jim of Kingsland report has written a note about NEW and it’s on the front page of NYT and Wall Street journal. I guess now my part is over and time for me to be out of my position which has already yielded over 100% profits since I first mentioned here. When everyone knows about it, there is no more money left. It’s only leftover. So be ahead of market and Join my Agloco network as well. Only few weeks left before it goes public releasing its view bar.

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    Nice blog. I’ve joined agloco.

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