Daily Trade Ideas

(Now Open to all OP reader) I am looking at following symbols for earnings – AET, PMTI, TBL, AFFX, AKAM, SINA, DIS, EQIX and ACL. This is just my preliminary list for the companies that are announcing results either after market close or before market open tomorrow. I shall be analyzing further to see which ones are the most suitable ones.

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3 responses to “Daily Trade Ideas”

  1. optionpundit Avatar

    I am planning to play AFFX, AKAM, and PMTI.


  2. jangace Avatar

    This is a great website! I love the informative nature and your trading style.

    My bread-and-butter is credit spreads, and I’m currently paper-trading ICs with index to get a feel for non-directional net seller plays.

    I’m looking for earning plays strategies. May I ask how do you screen out potential earnings candidates? Are there some fixed criterias you use?

  3. optionpundit Avatar

    Thanks for the compliments jangace

    Pls check out here for some earning discussion- https://www.optionpundit.net/general/comments

    and check here for detailed discussion:
    https://www.optionpundit.net/earnings/goog-earning-plays-4th-and-final-win-all-win and pls follow the whole thread on google which may provide somelight on earning play.

    Profitable trading,

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