Thrilling Expiration Friday

rambo3Too much to handle for the week which slowed down the postings this week. What a “Rambo Fed” action that was (I was looking for a picture replacing Bernanke with Stallone but gave up after a few searches). But guess what, was this really surprising, I don’t think so. Uncle Ben has already made this clear long time back.To find out what other tools Uncle still has in his magic box, you may want to read his speech delivered on Nov 20, 2002. For those who would like to know more deflation etc this does make a good reading.

This “printing press” has created trillions out of thin air, and probably more can be create to fight deflation. The battle is on  by almost every other central banker around the globe. What was remarkable is the action of few things. Gold that shot-up from a low of 890 to 950 within a matter of minutes, EUR surged almost 400 pips (yes 400 pips), resource and commodity stocks shots (so did the Dow and S&P just to gave gains back later). Citi (C) planning for a reverse split and many more.

Markets are behaving precisely the way expected and the  Nov lows probably will resist the Bulls move. But don’t be surprised if this rally continues further. This rally does have some substance to it and is different from the rallies we have seen so far.

Today is March options expiration day. There will be plenty of opportunity to trade. If you are looking for some plays, may I point you to AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, GS, POT and may more. OPNewsletter subscriber could look for some real example of how we played google pinning in the past that resulted in +60% profit in a single day.

Those who are looking for trading thrills SKF, SRS and other ultrashorts will lose a lot a intrinsic value today. The moves will be very strong and leverage will be extremely high.

Have a Thrilling Friday,

Profitable Trading, OP






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