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The most awaited number, in my opinion, is retail sales numbers after the Thanksgiving/ Black Friday. According to Shoppertrak, (US sales rose 8.3% after thanksgiving) , US consumers spent US$10.3 billions on holiday purchases yesterday, an 8.3 percent increase from last year, after retailers promoted electronics and toys to woo shoppers. I think we need to watch it more closely as it may turn out that consumers are looking for bargain and will shop more if there is a discount sale. They might be looking for more value for their dollar. We’ll see how rest of the holiday season progresses.

Remaining week is packed with 3 key market moving data. Durable good orders on Nov 28, Preliminary GDP on Nov 29 followed by Personal Income and Outlay on Friday Nov 30. We may see one day market up, just to see it lower the other day.

One thing to clarify about my earlier post explaining that I am bearish. It doesn’t mean that markets will breakdown tomorrow. Just like there are corrections along the rallies, there will be rallies along the bearish path. There is lot of uncertainty surrounding markets currently. Here is one interesting post by Dr Prieur Du Plessis who has listed some interesting thoughts. I am not recommending to sign-up those authors straight away rather suggesting to read post to gain perspective on what intelligentsia are thinking especially at this crossroads.

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