Thank you Goldman, Profit +100%

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Before Goldman’s conference call I posted that there could be a potential opportunity in GS when post-call move happens. I did listen to the webcast that was aired at 11am US EST. I was not really interested in how much did they make but what do they think of the future and how is the tone of the officers. Needless to say more, market is already reflecting its pov. There was lot of blah blah, but personally I wasn’t impressed with the quality of answers. But hey, they don’t run GS to please me, I am out with my gains.

gs-intraday-trade-dec-18-2007.png    gs-transaction-12182007.png

Here is a gain of +100% in few hrs time. I was out as soon as it hit the road for 100% gains, I bot 190 puts as well but as soon as it reversed the direction, I also hedged with 210 calls as well to keep it almost delta neutral. I will close before market closes else theta will take away my gains.

And btw, if you haven’t heard, according to marketwatch, CNBC reported that GS had a horrible November. Additionally, the business channel reported that Goldman recently endured the worst two weeks in the company’s history.

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  1. chiu Avatar

    As stated by the previous posting, China is one of the fund that has the deep pocket. Which will be the next fund, Russia ?

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Of course, after long time Russsia has something in its favor over US, an advantage it has been waiting for over half a century, it’s called “economic advantage” and guess what, Russia has huge Oil reserves but outdated technology to take it out, so my guess is that Russian will be looking to invest in companies that has cutting edge technology to pipe oil to commercial world at its price.

    Profitable trading, OP

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