Thank you Akismet, 5000 Spams caught!

(for details pls visit

Have you noticed the little tiny blue box at the bottom on the right sidebar. I am so thankful to this small little wonderful plug-in that has helped me save tons of time and precious “emotional” draw-downs that I had to go through, if it were not there. It has caught over 5,000 spam comments over past 3-4months since its installation. These comments in general contained offensive language and “the most popular stuff” of the web.

I shall wholehearted recommend akismet to all the fellow bloggers who would like to use some sort of auto spam control on the website. There are, however, various ways to control it e.g. commenter should be registered on the website, or reader numbers, twist eyes to see what’s behind the screen and listen to the number, etc. This was one of the simplest tool that I installed to run automatically on the website without asking too much from the readers before commenting.

Thank you akismet, OP






One response to “Thank you Akismet, 5000 Spams caught!”

  1. gricey Avatar

    Ah you are winning! My last count was 2,970.

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