SLB (+40%, +150%), MON (+137%)

A fascinating expiration Friday and I love this special day that arrives once in 3 months. The following three trades were not part of OPNewsletter as I generally don’t do speculative intraday trades for OPN. Check out the screenshot of trades, some of those were realized in less than 30mins!!

slb-jan-08-expiration.png SLB was a great play. First I opened $75 put and rode it to $75. Though I could have hold it a little longer to make more, but it would have been stupid to give 150% back to market. Then I rode $75 calls and once it hit +40%, I was out. Of course it could have generated more than 300%, but hey, isn’t that asking too much!

mon-jan-18.png MON, as it started to breach $105, I was in. Bot 105 puts for $1.85 which I sold for $4.40. It went to as high as $5.50 before MON started to comeback. Excellent +137% gains, all within 1hr. Next was very naive (but it does happen during market movement heats). I mistakenly bot 100put instead of calls. But no coulda, woulda, shoulda! A miss is a miss. Overall, excellent gains. It has happened before, sometime lot of intra day trading has it’s fair share of disadvantages as well.

mos-jan-18-2008.png MOS, I traded it three times (+22%, +107%, -25%). As it was breaking down, I knew it would touch $80 again and hence the trade. It was pinned at $80 yielding good profits overall.

There were so many other trades, too many to handle. The king of “Pinning”, GOOG was pinned @ $600. Those who played either a Iron Butterfly or $600 butterfly, must be laughing to the bank.

Though these results may look awesome, speculative trades makes only a fraction of my portfolio. Majority of my funds are invested in OPN trades.

Profitable trading, OP






2 responses to “SLB (+40%, +150%), MON (+137%)”

  1. jaykalo Avatar

    OP, do you post these spec opportunities on the forum or send alerts to OP subscribers?



  2. mike Avatar

    i think u should include speculaton trades in your newsletter. we’re all aware of the risks, and plus one of your past speculation plays (PDE) turned out very profitable for me!

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