RUT Iron Condor (Nov’06)

November Iron Condor:

  • October 11, Filled 690/700 Bull Put RUT spreads for $1.40 credit.
  • October 13, Filled 810/820 Bear Call spread for $.90 credit then again got filled on Oct 16 for $1.10 credit.
  • Ocotber 20, filled 720/710 Bull Put spred for $1.15 credit

These multiple credit spread completed my Nov’06 Iron condor for a total of $4.55 credit @ total risk of $15.45. If all options expires worthless by November 16th, i.e. RUT remains between 720 and 810, I shall earn full credit i..e $4.55

The returns will be $4.55/$15.45 = 29.4% in 1 month.

As of October 30, this is how the chart looks like:

And the transaction are:







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