RUT Iron Condor (Jan’07, 34% so far)

I closed my 840/850 BCS by buying for $0.15. Now I am open on the bull put side (750/740) which is currently selling for $0.70 and there are 2 more week for the expiration. It is still above my threshold so I don’t want to buy this back yet.

With this purchase of BCS now I have already collected $2400 out of $3100 possible credit. That makes my profit to 34% already.






2 responses to “RUT Iron Condor (Jan’07, 34% so far)”

  1. optionpundit Avatar

    RUT now at $775 and one one 2 weeks left it is about to threat my sold leg $750. I will closely watch next week for any potential adjustments.

  2. optionpundit Avatar

    RUT is still at $775 but with the help of Theta this leg is now $0.90. 9 more days to go and current delta for 750 is $0.13, still below my safe zone. I am keeping it therefore.

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