Pre-market Gainers and Losers

Check out any screeners on the web capable of telling you pre-market movers (you may check out OP’s toolbox as well), and you will find a pretty good list of opportunities most for downside though. Here is a quick list that I may consider to choose opportunities from:

  1. Pre-market losers: TK, NEW, LEND, CFC, PTR RIMM, AHM, SGP, LFC, CHL, SLV, and AGN name a few
  2. Pre-Market gainers: very short list ARXX, PTMK and AAPL

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3 responses to “Pre-market Gainers and Losers”

  1. Pete Avatar

    I have the best pre-open list anywhere. I developed it for my own trading. Would you like to link to it?

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Sure Pete. Pls let me know how to link via :

  3. Pete Avatar

    Here are the links. The first is pre-open and I start updating it 90 minutes before the open. The second is my Movers list. Both dynamically update. Click on the symbols for charts. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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