Pinning Ideas – Results Update

Seems like google will be pinned around $470. Google backspread was profitable with $1.20 on $$8.80 margin. SHLD Iron fly is also fine and so is OIH. Conngratulations to those who played in one way or the other and benefited from the market action today.

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4 responses to “Pinning Ideas – Results Update”

  1. Optrader Avatar

    Well, as posted , I did the $470’s butterfly on GOOG. Bought at $8.30, sold 2 minutes ago at $9.6. Great trade. Shows that you can initiate those late in the day, once the pinning is obvious, and still make some money.

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Congratulations and I am happy for you Optrader that my posts were helpful.

    Profitable trading,

  3. Optrader Avatar

    Yes, very good ideas, thanks.

  4. JDG Avatar

    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

    Traded two setups today on GOOG, one was an iron condor with
    the short strikes at $460, that one didn’t work too well. Around
    1:30 today I initiated a bear put spread with the $470 short strike
    and $480 long call. That was a nice return in 2 1/2 hours.

    Question for you is what is the official closing price for options
    expiration? GOOG closed just under $470 today, but has risen above that
    amount in after hours. I closed out the position around 3:55, but
    I left $.05 in the plate. Just curious how this works.

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