Outperformance Continues, OPN Aug +20.5%

At OP Income newsletter, the out-performance vs. broader markets continues. For Aug 2013, based on the invested capital (60% of the portfolio), it delivered +20.5% returns. That’s > +12% on the overall portfolio capital. And we also warned about the sell-off before it started thus helping members position for the pullback in advance.

At OP Income newsletter we care about preservation of capital and we use a profitable and consistent trading approach. Just like thousands of trades done during the past 65+ months, each trade has a different capital allocation, and can be checked and verified together with all the adjustments and supporting comments.

That’s volatility and non-directional trading at best.

During Aug we opened multiple mini-portfolios one several underlying e.g. VIX, SPY, RUT, DIA, IBM, USO, LNKD, AMZN, PCLN, VXX, TSLA, GMCR, ADSK and ANF. Overall, it was another fantastic month an we are confident to deliver 2x SPX returns in 2013.

Wait-listing fee is currently waived. NO Profit, NO Fee* offer is still applicable and if you sign-up now, you will have immediate access to all the 20,000+ historical posts, thousands of historical trades with real-time adjustments, market commentary and so on. You will also have access to numerous educational resources.

Here is a customer feedback on how was his experience with OP Income Newsletter (you may kindly read more here)

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you’ve done providing very profitable trades consistently in your newsletter month after month ! When I first saw the results you were posting on your website I must admit I was a little skeptical that this was for real but after signing up and taking the trades since last year I am now a believer. I also like the way you answer our questions and are willing to share your knowledge with us. To me this is much more than just a newsletter, we are making money as we are learning ! Thank-you very much.Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who would like to speak to a current subscribe”

Chris Lekas,
Dania Beach, Florida USA

OptionPundit Income NewsletterOur pre-earning set-ups continues to deliver strong results and so are the OPN Extra! (Non-OPN) trades. In fact, I just posted on twitter our FB trade that delivered +15% return in matter of hours. We have 5-6 more earnings trades coming up soon within this month. You may want to get join now so that you are well prepared for the next round of earnings.

If you would like to know more, or should you have any questions, please feel to write to us at Ask@OptionPundit.com

To succeeding together,
The OptionPundit Team







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