OPNewsletter: Outperformance again (Jul +7.27%)

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major-market-june-22-2007.pngMajor stock market fell last week. S&P500 fell by 1.85%, Dow by 1.95, Nasdaq by 1.85% and RUT fell by 1.30%. OPNewsletter’s overall portfolio (consisting of 4 mini-portfolios) on contrast gained by 6%. If you were an OPN subscribers, pls check your e-mail for the details or at forum for each underlying thread for Jun’07 and Jul’07 (Pls note you should be an OPN subscriber to view these exclusive boards, rest of the forum is free). Here is the last update (June +33.5%).

Pls note that I have stopped new subscriptions to OPNewsletter for now and once I have little more time, I shall restart it.






2 responses to “OPNewsletter: Outperformance again (Jul +7.27%)”

  1. Midas Avatar

    Hi OP I subscribed to the newsletter a few weeks ago are you canceling it for everyone or just not accepting new subscribers? I have been enjoying the learning experience + the profits so far Thank you Midas

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Dear Midas,

    I have stopped completely. Pls read my earlier post on why I stoppped it for a while. I think I will re-start it roughly 3months later.

    Pls cancel your subscription if you haven’t done yet.

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