OPNewsletter: Outperformance (Jul +11%)

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While the markets experienced ups-n-down during last week packed with lot of data, Major stock market closed pretty flat. OPNewsletter’s Jul’07 overall portfolio (consisting of 4 mini-portfolios) on contrast gained by 3.7% during the week and overall it is up by 11%. If you were an OPN subscribers, pls check your e-mail for the details or at forum for each underlying thread for Jun’07 and Jul’07 (Pls note you should be an OPN subscriber to view these exclusive boards, rest of the forum is free). Here is the last update (June +33.5%).

As shared in my e-mail to OPN subscribers, you may wanna book profit on the profitable trades if you modeled after my trades. I am planning to continue to hold all the mini-portfolio and therefore will continue to update. Don’t forget to checkout forum for my important update on Google.

Pls note that I have kindly canceled current subscriptions and not accpeting new subscriptions to OPNewsletter for now and once I have little more time, I shall restart it (roughly Sept).

Separately I had also shared a BA double diagonal for free to OP readers. This trade is already making 12.6% gains. Though ideally I would have adjusted it for more profits, but I no longer plan to follow this trade. So those who modeled it, I suggest closing and booking profit.

Jul 4th is holiday in US. I expect low volume trading during the whole week. Theta should be in my favor accelerating the gains for all the portfolios.

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