OPNewsletter Jun +14.2% (Open) and Jul +1.5% (Open)

OPNewsletter portfolios for the month of Jun has delivered +14.2% returns and we still have some positions to close. While it was a challenging at the beginning of the year, we are on our way for the record month this year. Every single portfolio this month has delivered positive returns. These results exclude gains from speculative trades especially on the VIX futures where the returns have been averaging almost +8% per trade (while doing several trades within a single day).

The results also excludes gains from CRM earning trade, AAPL pullback trades or TIF post earning quick swing trade. We called out market turning point on Mar 26th (sell signal) and since then S&P500 has dropped almost 100 points.

We have also started opening-up July portfolios and we are already up +1.5%.

As OptionPundit just completed 5 years of serving option traders, I shall be offering a no-waitlist fee offer for a limited time. The process will still be the same i.e. via wait-listing, but your $50 wait list fee will be adjusted in your first month subscription fee. The NO PROFIT, NO FEE offer for the first time members still remains valid.

This means, if you are a new subscriber, your waitlist fee will be adjusted in the first month subscription fee and if OPN doesn’t deliver positive returns, your fee will be refunded fully (including the wait list fee). Please click here to begin the sign-up.

Profitable Trading and Now to greater heights,







4 responses to “OPNewsletter Jun +14.2% (Open) and Jul +1.5% (Open)”

  1. Jimmy John Avatar
    Jimmy John

    Incredible you make better profits per year than Warrant Buffet, but still you keep sharing this knowledge with a small fee of only 150 dollars a month. What a good hearted and honest man you must be.

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    @Jimmy, Thank you for the comment.

    Several years back I got an opportunity to have lunch, Q&A with Mr Buffet (https://www.optionpundit.net/photo-journal/withmrbuffet) and I asked similar question- There are thousands of Gurus/authors who claim to know how to invest “Warren Buffett Way” but you still can’t find a successor? That there is no 2nd Warren Buffett? …well I won’t reply what his answer was …Because I think you really have to think why there isn’t…or what’s the difference..

    And Mr Buffett is rather more humble and good hearted as he shares his skills/methods etc for FREE (http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/letters/letters.html) while I charge $148/-

    Profitable Trading

  3. Mike Avatar


    I would like to try your newsletter but I only paper-trade and thus will have no profit from it. May I get a free month of subscription?


    1. OptionPundit Avatar

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment. I am afraid that subscription can’t be free in case of paper trading.
      OP Income Newsletter will be free for the month, only if it doesn’t make money in the first month of your sign-up.

      Please let me know should you have any questions.

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