OPNewsletter – Dec +15.9%, Jan +0.46% (Open)

December’08 was another positive month for the OPNewsletter delivering +15.9% including commissions. We prioritized preserving capital and invested only +14% of the assumed 10K portfolio inline with OPN’s philosophy of “When in doubt, Protect Capital first”. Even if we assume returns on overall capital that was a positive +2.23% after commissions. With the exception of Aug’08, 2008 overall was a wonderful year for OPNewsletter and its subscribers. OPN has outperformed almost any major market benchmark or any other major asset class (Dow, S&P500, Nasdaq, Gold, etc.). I shall share more details later.

We have started opening our Jan’09 income portfolios and in the first week of opening, OPN is up +2.3% excluding commissions and +0.46% including commissions. We have invested 16.2% of trading capital this month so far, as Volatility and wide bid/ask spreads are not allowing to open good risk/reward trades.

One of the key measure for any service oriented business is “customer satisfaction” in delivering the promise. How successful OPNewsletter is in terms of serving its subscribers? here is a testimonial (Sent on Nov 7, 08) from an OPN’s subscriber (for more testimonials, pls click here)

Hi OP,
Let me tell you that one thing. for OP subscribers the return on investment in last 60 days on paper might be low but in real terms each one of the subscribers should really be greatful to you for recommending to stay on the sidelines.

I did not listen to your advise of staying on the sidelines (on my personal account) and paid the ultimate price. My trading account equity has shrunk significantly during last 60 days. I will have to rebuild the trading capital over the next few months . once I have around XXK, I might join back your service. Thanks for your understanding.

-sb, Singapore

At OPNewsletter, I am gearing-up for an interesting 2009. Having gone through a 2008 that it was, there are lot of learnings that I look forward to capitalize as we are entering into 2009.

Profitable Trading, OP


2 responses to “OPNewsletter – Dec +15.9%, Jan +0.46% (Open)”

  1. Russ Avatar

    Do you offer auto trade? When do the signals typically come out (time of day)? In regards to your performance numbers, is the percentage growth for the entire account?


    1. OptionPundit Avatar


      The auto-trading is through global auto-trade and trade wallstreet. Pls let me know if you are interested, I shall connect you to them.

      The signals can be anytime. Though I try to send before markets are open, a lot of time it is not possible and thus for simplicity, pls assume the signals are during market hours.

      The performance numbers based on returns on invested capital x-commissions. For example- if you see December +20%, and if we invested only 40% of capital, that it is essentially 40%X20% i.e. 8% on the overall portfolio capital.

      Should you have any questions, pls feel free to drop me a line anytime. If you would like to sign-up, here is the link-

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