OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +3.0% (Open)

Another profitable week for OPNewsletter; both for income as well as speculative directional trades. Even though we increased out investment by 17% (to 48.3%) since last week, our returns also increased from +1.24% to +3.06% this week (including commissions). Considering what happened in the broader markets past week, I am pleased with these results. On a big picture basis, we didn’t make any significant adjustments to any of the portfolios since opening. No adjustment are expected for any portfolios till next week too.

Other then income portfolio, all the directional trades also proved money maker with exception on ISRG intra-day. AMZN and AAPL both delivered > +20% for 1 day holding periods. POT 230 Put directional calendar is also profitable. In fact I shared a list of expected “Big Movers” that I was analyzing and POT, AMZN, WFR, AAPL, CMG, BIDU and many more moved huge %.

Few testimonials from OPN current subscribers-

I have been an OP Newsletter subscriber for about 3 months. I’ve been trading options for 2 years.

I am extremely Happy with my subscription. I have taken most of OP’s suggested Income Strategy trades and they have been overwhelmingly profitable. The ones I did not take, due to travel or just plain second guessing, ultimately turned out to be profitable as well. LOL.
Most of the spec trades that I’ve taken have been overwhelmingly profitable as well.

OPN differs from other Newsletters in that OP provides timely, suggested adjustments for his Income Strategy recommendations. He, or other subscribers, are quick to answer my questions. This keeps you in the trade with an expert assisting you, and teaches you how to trade these strategies at the same time. In addition, I have found OP to be very responsive to questions as well as feedback.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to contact me at smrusso@aol.com.

Sam Russo
Boynton Beach, Florida

Thank you for the vote of confidence Sam. It’s members like you who keeps the community growing and learning from each other.

Hi OP,

I find it hard to put into words the value of the service you (and the whole OP community) offer the individual retail trader and investor. In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability. I also have not found another service that puts all of these strategies together the way that optionpundit.com does. It feels like a true group of friends and peers that are learning and growing together, not just someone taking our money and throwing out trade ideas. I sincerely appreciate the time and efforts you put into your service for your members, especially at the price you offer it for. True knowledge is priceless.

Thanks Again,
David Castello
Ormond Beach, Florida

Thank you David. I appreciate your feedback. I hope OPNewsletter continues to deliver rather exceed the expectation that members have from it.

Another interesting learning happened while I was playing WFR earnings with a bullish perspective. I landed in the worst case i.e. Stocked gapped down hugely vs my expectations. To add to pain, I was also assigned on WFR 55s. Keep an eye on the blog posts for strategy concept and on the forum postings for specific trade with prices (OPN subscribers) where I shall share with you how I turned that worst case into a profitable trade.

Profitable trading, OP






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