OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +1.24% (Open)

Quite a busy week but at the same time, promising one for the general markets. There was a good run on financial stocks and broader markets gained nicely. Next week will be the one to really judge whether or not these levels can withstand.

From OPNewsletter‘s perspective, we have invested nearly 32% of our capital and we are sitting comfortably without making any adjustments to either portfolios. Usually we target 60% of the portfolio to invest. Albeit, if we don’t find any good opportunity, we stay away as “Capital protection has higher priority over missing potential opportunity”.

We are up + 2.81% x-commissions and +1.24% including commissions. We however will open another at least two more portfolio sometime next week.

When we are not making any adjustments, I suggest you read more. Browse the website and understand the concepts to prepare you better for a volatile markets. I had earlier suggested on how to survive this market.

Though OPN Trades are OK even if you trade a little late (except in very volatile and wildly moving markets), If you think you don’t have time to stay in touch with your portfolios, stay away from real-money trading for a while. I strongly encourage doing it on papers only. There will always be time to make money and market is always there. It’s a tough market and you want to protect as much capital as possible while maximize learning from such time for if we survive this, normal markets will be easy walk.

Have fun and profitable trading, OP





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