OPN Sept’12 +19.2%/ OPNExtra! is Extra

OP Income Newsletter Sept portfolios are track to deliver a record month with +19.2% gains (as of Aug 31 close) excluding gains from OPNExtra! which is a FREE feature for OPN members that includes directional as well as earning trades. Some of the members asked me what will the results if we had allocated $1000 for each portfolio? The results would have been +29% vs +19.2%. You may choose whichever method you like, I shall still encourage to use my suggested allocation….

  • Those which are still openSPY up +21%, KR is up +2.1%, GOOG is down -2.1%, UVXY is up +5.7%,
  • And trades that are closedDIA up +15.2%, NTAP for +19.6%, CRM closed for +23.2%, IWM +19.3%, DG for +27.5% and JOY for +8.5%

These results don’t includes P&L from on OPNExtra! (For instance- CRM post earning for +100%, AAPL +140%, ES-Mini+30%, VIX Futures (multiple times) and many more (https://www.optionpundit.net/forum/index.php/topic,1162.0.html).

And now more important, I have “SELL” signal triggered as of Friday close. If you are an OPN Member, pls stay in touch with two threads 1) General market comments, 2) OPN Extra trades!

We have great time ahead, volatilities are low and as we move to the most crucial 3months of the year, specific set-of opportunities are arising. If you are still on sidelines and have missed past several weeks’ action, sign-up for OPNewsletter now. There is no waiting list currently and OPIncome Newsletter subscription is open to all.  Should you have any questions or need any clarification, please send me an e-mail-> OptionPundit@gmail.com

Profitable Trading, OP







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