OP Newsletter (Jun’07 +25%, Jul’07 1st Trade +4.6%)

The June’07 portfolio is overall up +25.1% and the 1st July income trade is also +4.6%. I am still on lookout for the July income trades and will share via OPN alert as soon I open one. Pls check out your e-mail for the weekly updates. You may find updates for each underlying thread for Jun’07 and Jul’07 on the forum as well (Pls note you should be an OPN subscriber to view these exclusive boards, rest of the forum is free).

As theta will accelerate next week and as a seller that is in my favor, I shall be looking for some adjustments next week to maximize gains from the June income trades. I am still continuing remaining 3 trades (RUT was closed for +20% and SHLD was closed for +14%) and I shall continue to update but if you would like to book profits, pls do so as it has already overdelivered my monthly objective.

Stay Tuned, Profitable trading, OptionPundit







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