Marvel Releases Iron Man Today

screenhunter_01-may-02-1246.gif Marvel Entertainment (MVL) is releasing “Iron Man” in the US today, together with some other “movie going” countries. It has already been released in parts of the world and according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the rating is 8.3/10 and it appears as if it is going to set the box office on fire. Real test will happen today and over the weekend as Movie hits US.

Why am I talking about this? Not only because I love the graphics on the website but also because…

mvl-ta-may-2-2008.png The stock is nearing 52wks high and is about to break-out. Check out the charts and it will show strength. High on high volume and lower on low volumes. Look out for the last high near $30.27, especially on good volumes. As the news start to flow on how it is performing on the box office, stock prices should start reflecting accordingly. And do take note, they are announcing earnings on Monday (May 5) before market opens.

My position, I am cautiously bullish (which means I am bullish but I have limited my downside as well).

Disclaimer : As always, this is not a recommendation. You must do your own DD before making any investment decision. I may own shares time to time of the ideas I mention here.

Profitable trading, OP






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