Magic Formula Investing revisited

You all know how much I love this little book that I had earlier profiled in Jan’07 and also gave an example on how one can play using this strategy. Since then the market have reached a great high and in fact some of the good companies in the original list have also performed very well. Now since the markets are at new high, I decided to dive into the list once again to find suitable underlyings for a good income trade.

MFI-1 MFI-2  

Here is the list, plenty of fishes out there.

Choose your pick and play well. Make sure it has good liquidity, fundamentals are taken care of by the screen, and has good premiums so as to be a good underlying for options trading. I shall be doing detailed analysis and will share mytake with OPnewsletter susbcribers.

Profitable trading, OptionPundit







2 responses to “Magic Formula Investing revisited”

  1. Gennady Avatar


    what stock screener is that screenshot pasted from, with varying blue/white horizontal rows?


  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Dear Gennady, this is from the “magic formula” website. Don’t pay for this to anyone, this is for free from the website.

    Regards, OP

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