How to spot Pre-market gainers or losers?

This is one of the lists that I visit daily to find where the action is today. But this is purely driven with the motive of playing intra-day opportunities and assumes that I have sound intra-day trading set-up in place. These may convert into more than 1 day play depending upon the technicals and news flow during that intraday.

There are several services both paid and unpaid that is available to traders to find real-time pre-market gainers and losers. Amongst the paid services,, theflyonthewall, etc are available.

However OP is always looking for tools that can help its reader in maximizing the value of their dollar by spending where the true value is, here are 3 free resources that I use. 

  • Pre-market scanner from This is currently one of the best sources to find the pre-market gainers or losers list and it keeps updating regularly. This scanner has pre-market gainers/losers, prior gainers/losers and prior high and lows list that you may find quite useful for intraday opportunities. Pete has done lot of wonderful work to fine tune these scanners and it is amazing that not only it covers the $ gainers/losers but also covers several other set-ups and let you design your own scanner as well. Click below to find the location.

  • Other scanner that I often like but requires an account is with Interactive brokers (IB). There is a tab in that platform that is called “Market scanner”. You may choose top gainers or losers. The beauty of this scanner is that this allows you to filter by setting certain parameters i.e. Price, volume, etc. For instance, if my outlook is bearish for the market, I might filter the ones which are above >$50 and have traded at least 5000 shares in pre-market and are down by at least $1.00 or so.
  • Pre-market gapers from MSN money toolbox. This screener is free and will let you search literally whatever you are looking for. I shall be covering this screener in more details some other time. Play around with it to find what you are looking for.

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