How to find stock picks, quickly?

How to find stock picks of the day easily and in one click?

Well, most pay huge sums to find those “pick of the day, or night or fortnight” and so on. There are tons of stock screeners both paid and unpaid type that suggests a list of stocks that one may go long or short. One of the good ones that I like is MSN screener but I will discuss that some other time (as that is good if you have a screening criteria).

What if you don’t have a screening criteria? Here is what I found to be pleasing to eyes and good for business. Say three cheers to clear station! Pick your choice, be it fundamental event, a technical event, or something that reading community is recommending, check out industries or check out sector. Don’t like to get in all details, it’s alright to be lazy, check out only A list (bullish) as well as Z-list (bearish). Simple. You may choose to show all the graphs in bulk or one by one.

Here are two snapshots from the screener.

screenhunter_27.jpg  screenhunter_28.jpg

But be mindful of the results. It gives you penny stocks as well. I personally don’t like to play penny stocks and therefore I try choosing best of the breed. This is just one of the ways to find some interesting plays where I can use several option strategies. For instance, for A-list stocks that are expected to be bullish I may choose to do bull put, bullish calendars, bullish call and so on. Similar is the case of bearish.

This is one of many wonderful tools that are part of OP’s Toolbox. Browse the toolbox over the weekend and you maybe be surprised to find what it holds. I will try sharing some play based on clearstation’s A or Z list next week.

Stay tuned!

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