GOOG : The King of Earning play is here (Part-2)

Google earning – From a sentiment’s perspective:

Google earnings, I discussed past earnings as well current earning and revenue trends for GOOG (click here for Part-1). Well, these are what Pros are expecting. The other side of the story is to look at what retail investors and traders are expecting and that is gauge by Surprise—

GOOG Whisper Jan07

Most are expecting GOOG to miss earning estimates this quarter, 2.84 vs. 2.90. Well, take it with a pinch of salt. Anyone can register on this site, vote for their numbers and therefore earning estimate may skew a lot. Don’t be surprised if today it is 2.84 and just before the announcement it is > 2.90. So when you look at the numbers, always look at the base i.e. how many have voted. But generally speaking it is a good gauge of sentiment.

In the next part, I am going to share my analysis on Google’s business and key developments in last quarter.

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