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This is first one in “Global Stock Market Blog bash” by Vladimir Kucera of Stockweb. Pls check out Vlada’s details at the end of the post as he has wonderful insights to offer on Eastern European market. 


Trading hours of the Czech Stock exchange.  08:00 – 09:30  closed phase
09:30 – 16:00  open phase
17:00 – 20:00  closed phase

  Main Czech stock exchange index is PX50. It is composed of 50 companies with highest market capitalization. screenhunter_3.jpgCheck out the chart for the overall market trend.  
 Market structure and listed securities:
1. SPAD – trading with Blue chips, certificates and bonds. 

  • CEZ (28% weight at PX50) – Energy giant is by far the most growing company. 5 years ago market price was around 100CZK and nowadays it is more the 1000CZK. Main reasons for the growth are price for electricity and also acquisitions in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.
  • ERSTE BANK (22%) – Used to be Ceska Sporitelna. After being acquired by Austrian Erste Bank. Now it is the biggest bank in Czech Republic. Stock price highly dependent on Erste shares on Austrian stock exchange.
  • TELEFONICA o2 (17%) – Telecommunication company Cesky Telecom was as target for acquisition one year ago by Spanish Telefonica. High dividend yield stock (9%)
  • CETV (6%) – Central European Media is listed also at NASDAQ. Sales are growing especially in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Owner of mainstream TV channels.
  • ZENTIVA (5%) – Czech pharmaceutical company, generic producer. Making acquisitions in Croatia, Turkey. Also possible target for acquisition.
  • UNIPETROL (4%) – Chemical Company focused on crude oil processing. Acquired by polish PKN Ordlen. Extremely low P/E ratio 6.
  • PHILIP MORRIS (2%) – High dividend yield stock (7%). Loosing market share which is also reflected in stock price.
  • ORCO (3%) – Developers group. IPO from the last year. Company is expanding all over the Europe, mainly eastern part. High growing stock.

2. Special market – trading with futures.

  • PX50 – two futures series (initial margin 12%)
  • CEZ – two futures series (initial margin 20%)
  • ERSTE BANK – two futures series (initial margin 10%)

Vladamir Kucera blogs on Stockweb where he extensive covers eastern european markets. His blog’s objective- Making money online with trading shares, ETF, futures in US, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Poland. I’m blogging my analyses, trade recommendations and describing ways how to invest in eastern european countries at category “How to invest money in Europe”. Check out Stockweb.






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