What an earning evening!!

Option trading is amazing. One can design option trading strategies for a market neutral perspective, for bullish or bearish market outlooks.

Let me share with you a brief update on the initial list that I mentioned in my last post (Tonight’s Earnings announcement). Other then FIC, all stocks moved. For my option trading system for earnings i.e. backspread, direction doesn’t really matter much. These stocks moved and they moved beautifully.

So here is the result during after hours, post earning announcement:

  • FFIV (DOWN by $4.6 i.e. >6%)
  • NFLX (UP by $2.5 i.e. >10%)
  • EBAY (UP by $3.98 i.e. >13%)
  • QCOM (UP by $0.96 i.e. >2%)

I am waiting for market to open, to find some directional play(s) to take advantage of stock resistance or support being broken.

Till then,

Profitable trading,






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