Double Diagonal on VMC

Here is another income trade that I am opening via paper trade to experiment first before it is part of my regular portfolio. This trade is a double diagonal form but opened via a double calendar instead of traditional double diagonal. I am opening this on a stock for the first time vs. my usual way of opening it on index. The stock is VMC that has just broken-out and currently consolidating in $120-$125 range. I am opening this trade via 115 and 125 calendars that are roughly at 30% probability of expiring worthless. With this trade the breakeven points are 112.6 and 129.

Here is the chart 112 is minor support and 126 will be a minor resistance area.

vmc-chart.png vmc-transaction.png

This trade is done at $313 and if by March 16, VMC remains in between 112.6 and 129, I will be amking money. My Profit potential is anywhere between $148 (VMC@115) and $195 (VMC@125). If this happens, this will yield 47% to 63% returns for 3 weeks holding period.

vmc-double-diagonal.png vmc-transaction.png

Please note that this is a paper trade for experimentation,

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  1. Rapheal Avatar

    How do you find such trade? Is there any event driven?

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