Bull or Bear, We Don’t Care

Yes, we don’t really care as OPNewsletter uses non-directional trading approach for trading options. What we care about is preservation of capital, profitable and consistent trading approach.

Let’s look at how we are doing for just for earning trades during past few weeks?

  • AMZN +30%
  • LNKD +50%
  • SNDK -7%
  • IBM -5%
  • JPM +10%
  • YUM -3%
  • TSLA +50%
  • WFM +9%
  • PCLN +38%
  • GOOG +20%
  • NFLX +30%
  • AMZN (again) +32%
  • GMCR +30% (not closed yet).

And many more…and we are still going full-on.

All of these trades were held for less than 9 days and were non-directional in nature. And we don’t trade just earnings alone.

Wait-listing fee is currently waived. NO Profit, NO Fee* offer is still applicable and if you sign-up now, you will have immediate access to all the 20,000+ historical posts, thousands of historical trades with real-time adjustments, commentary and so on. You will also have access to numerous educational resources.

Here is a latest testimonial from one of subscribers, you may kindly read more here

My experience was optionpundit has been really great. It took me a few weeks to adjust my trading to the ideas sent by optionpundit. At first I tried to outsmart the trades, as I would only took the ones that made sense too me. That was a big mistake. The system is very simple; you just receive and email with a trade idea, you execute it and just wait a couple of hours, a couple or days or maybe a couple of weeks for another email to close the trade. You will realize you’ve just made 10% to 50% with a quite high success rate.

Not only that, if you have any questions about the execution or the option market in general you just send optionpundit an email and in less than 10 minutes you will have an answer by one of the best option traders.

I’m not new in trading. I’ve been trading stocks, bonds, futures, etc for more than 15 years. I’ve worked in a bank as a trader for 10 years.

Remember my advice, take all trades and use always the same size.



Earning season is still going on and we are starting to evaluate portfolios for September cycle. It is an appropriate time to join.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail at ask@OptionPundit.com and we shall revert to you within 24 hrs.

Profitable Trading, OP






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