Bears are Winning the Race, Uncle Ben?

Published on November 20, 2007

Bears are Winning the Race, Uncle Ben?

November 20, 2007

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dow-nov-20-2007.png We are only few points away from Aug 16th lows. FOMC’s Oct 30-31st meeting minutes will out soon and that will pretty much decide fate of the markets. Dow staged another fake rally and now is really struggling to keep-up with the 13K. As I have been mentioning earlier, if DOW breaks Aug’s low (on close) I am out of the ways of the bears.

Waiting for minutes, Profitable trading, OP

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  • Avatar OptionPundit says:

    Uncle Ben didn’t say much except that short-term things are looking bad, long term a rosy picture. Reduced growth forecast and upped speculation for rate cut (or shall I say a surety in Dec’07). Bottomline, let Mr Market handle his fate by himself.

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