AAPL Earnings : Profit +33%

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I closed my APPLE(AAPL) earnings play for only +33% profit. I was flying to Singapore from India so managed to close only the 120 put calendar y’day via a slow connection from a cybercafe prior to my departure, and could close 150 call calendar only today.

winning-trade_13.jpg Anyway a profit is a profit.

I saw a good number of comments about this earning play. Thank you all for your valuable comments. I would like to mention one point though, contrary to what your models might say, what theory might say, the prices were very different at the opening y’day and it’s due to sheer size of rapid changes in the prices. There is no book that explain that (at least none that I know of) and I don’t have screenshots  to prove this, so I’ll leave it for some other day/play.  It takes practice with these trades, not just to analyze and open but also on how to close this.

3 cheers to all those who made money on this. I don’t want to keep this till expiration, for that I have a different strategy to play,

Stay tuned, Profitable trading, OP






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  1. mike Avatar

    seems this positions has a good shot of being more profitable as time goes by. why close so early? time decay will make this position more profitable. i think i will hold longer, possibly close to expiration.

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