3 Bullish set-ups

There are 3 tickers that came to my list from a bullishness perspective. This technical analsysis is simply based on simple support/resistance model. Therefore you may wanna run your own detailed analysis.


ESRX : esrx-05172007.pngI mentioned this one on the forum (click here). The stock is trying to cross through major resistance area $95-$97 and yesterday it closed at $98. IN my opinion, it is testing waters to either break-out from here or break down. It may also move sideways for a while. I am cautiously biased. Check out to review how it fits to your trading style.


HCR: hcr-051707.pngIt is trying to break $68 level. It is also a subject of takeover chatter. It also has pretty nice uptrending chart for over 1 year timeframe. This can also be played either straight calls or via bullish spread to minimize risk.



BA: ba-051707.pngThe boeing company is going skypast $95-$96 level. Assuming it can sustain that level by the close, we have pretty good chances that BA will be a break-out play here.



These are just some of the trading ideas, not the recommendations.

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