Your help is needed to serve you better

In order to improve your experience with OptionPundit website (including forum), I am working on re-designing the whole website. Could you pls share some thoughts on what do you like and what should be changed/ added?

Following questions might be helpful.

  1. What features do you think it should continue to have?
  2. Which features do you think are not useful?
  3. What other features do you think OP website should include?
  4. Could you share few websites that you like the most? And I shall appreciate if you could also share what do you like about them?
  5. From OPNewsletter perspective, how could I improve your experience more? Pls feel free to write about any other newsletter that you have used/been using and liked.

Pls add any other comments either in the comments section or e-mail me at

If you are in the web designing/ i-phone apps developing, pls do let me know. I shall prefer working with someone from OPN community.

Thank you for sharing your feedback

Warm regards, OP






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