With Mr Warren Buffet and his Thrifty

This is a personal post to share one of my “unforgettable” moment when I got an opportunity to meet with Mr Warren Buffet face to face. We went to see him in his office in Omaha and had 2 hrs Q&A with him. I was part of University of Texas MBA student delegate that was invited by Mr Buffet few years back.

What a great opportunity to see, listen and ask fquestions from the living legend. He answered question on broad range of topics including investments, his past investments, his success and failures, his struggle, his love with coke and wonderful discussion about priority management. It was such a vivid conversation that I literally memorized the conversation and compiled notes after coming back to hostel. One of those moments that I shall cherish whole life!

I shall fine tune and post my personal notes based upon what I learned from that conversation.

Cheers and profitable investing folks,






3 responses to “With Mr Warren Buffet and his Thrifty”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Nice one Optionpundit…he makes you look small next to him. Didnt know he was that big (or maybe you are just small).

  2. chiu Avatar

    Did you ask him then whether he sells option as an income generation ?

    It was reported that he generates million of dollars every year by selling Pepsi option as he owns so much of the share.

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