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What a terrific Month, Sept Expiration

Published on September 23, 2007

What a terrific Month, Sept Expiration

September 23, 2007

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opn-portfolio-sept-07-expiration.pngSept expiration was as terrific (call it troublesome) as it gets!! Attached chart shows different underlying that I would have recommended in OPN for Sept portfolio (I still keep a record so I can use it later). Notice, -16% to +16%!!!! That’s an amazing move and I don’t think any income trade can really be designed for any less volatile underlying for that kinda move. Needless to say, this month had following highlights:

  • Most number of adjustments. I am sure my brokers will be quite happy to have generated the most commissions out of my portfolio than in any other month in last 12months.
  • Most number of miniportfolio, contrary to usual 4-5, this month I had to open 8 mini portfolios.

The OPN portfolio (excluding speculatives), delivered a tiny 6.9% returns for Sept expiration. Just a little above my target of 6% per month to double portfolio in less than a year. I consider this as “survived” vs good results. I have opened forum thread for x-subscribers, they can view these past trades. You will notice that other OIH, all the underlying were different from past several months, and reason is simply that one underlying may not meet my selection criteria next month. Similarly, for October, except 1-2 all the underlying are different.

Let me share performance first:

  1. GOOG -15.75%
  2. IBM -12.77%
  3. IWM +17.69%
  4. SPY +30.79%
  5. BAC +20% (I offered this for free to OP readers)
  6. GDX +11.36%
  7. OIH +4.61%
  8. ABX +14.85

This month, specially last week also offered good learnings (I had to give-up about 13% on IWM because of my silly late action on that underlying and those returns were gone in just a few days, huh).

October portfolio is upto a great start delivering +4.48% in its opening week. If you were an OPN subscriber, check out the forum (OPN section) for Sept trades. This will be opened only for a few days. I am still quite busy these days and hence slower postings and can’t yet open OPN.

Profitable trading, OP


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