Week Ahead (April 9,07)

Other then Friday, rest of the week ahead seems to be quiet. PPI data and international trade data will be released on Friday that could potentially move the market in either direction. Today, Asia was mostly up. Hong Kong, Singapore, India, China all were up led by nearly 1.5% rise in Japan. Weaker yen is attributed for rise in the stock markets.


Earning season is starting to soar. Infosys will be in focus when it announces results on Friday before market. I surely want to play it and shall assess later on which strategy will be a good one to tap into this opportunity. However, I will spend most time to find good opportunities for the next week as that is April option expiration week when premium will be cheaper due to very little time value. I might also open some calendar or butterflies for potential pinning action as theta will gain from rapid decay. My NKE DC ($52.5 and $55) is also in good shape as I am looking for pinning action near to any of these two strikes but not very far barring exceptions.


Stay tuned, profitable trading, OptionPundit






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