US stock futures are sharply higher

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We are seeing broad based market upswing and futures are pointing to higher opening. Couple of interesting trades (or call it gap-ups) are GS, RIMM and GOOG (Disclose: I am positive delta on both GOOG and RIMM). Markets are full of volatility and to add to this, this is also the Aug options expiration week. Expect swings. There is good discussion on forum every month near expiration when OP reader Chiu highlights his picks for pinning opportunities.

Again a word of caution, trade carefully, Keep very tight stop loss/profits,

Profitable trading, OP






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  1. Samuel Avatar

    Hi OP,
    Would you mind to share more details on both your GOOG and RIMM trade ?
    also wish to open trades and make use of this Aug options expiration week now..

    Thank YOU

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