Update from Agloco

Here is an update from AGLOCO. It is now 100 days since AGLOCO went public with its pre-launch plan to become the Internet’s first Economic Network. Here is a quick progress report to Members:   

  • Continued growth of the AGLOCO network – February was a record month of new Members joining (and last week was a record week)  
  • Several enhancements to the AGLOCO website including a Member blog page
  • Very active company blog site for up to date Member communication     
  • Viewbar software team (now seven engineers in Shanghai) is making steady progress. – Release of the software will be announced with both an email as well as a notice on the AGLOCO website             

We would like to thank the Members who have already recruited new Members to AGLOCO. We have over 50,000 successful recruiters.

OP’s comment: that’s only 50,000 worldwide so far, think about it. how nice it will be when either yourself or I am in top tertile before it spreads widely generating additional monthly income stream for just surfing the web which in case we do. If you wish to join this group in building your community, but don’t know where to start, try visiting the attached link on AGLOCO by clicking here 

Now is the time to Start.

I’ve stated in, I feel NOW is the time to build your AGLOCO network because you have very little competition at this time. Waiting until the Viewbar is released may make it easier to sign people up but you’ll face more competition and may find the people you wanted to sign up have already signed up with someone else. 


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  1. AglocoDirectory Avatar

    Would you like to be listed here: http://aglocodirectory.blogspot.com
    Just send me an email.

  2. Jared Avatar

    Hi OP, just thought I’d mention that the links in this post don’t seem to work.

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    Hi Jared,

    Thank you for highlighting. I appreciate that. I double cheked it, but it seems all the links are working fine at least on my side. Pls try again.

  4. Jared Avatar

    Oh, everything is working fine now. I clicked through from an RSS reader, and I think it sent me to an earlier draft of the post or something.

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