The Monkey Friday

Here we go again. A new secert recipe from Mr Paulson and company for pumping-up the markets. If I were to simplify this, it is like this ” Here is the garbage bin, you throw all garbage in this, we’ll pay you for this garbage and later we’ll sell this garbage to others hoping the garbage will turn into diamonds later on“..and hence the title of this post, I call it “The Monkey Friday“.

I wanted to write about this a lot, but fellow blogger has done a much better job.

Who is going to pay? Where is the money? Is there any policy change that going forward financial institutions can’s do this and that? what’s the fundamental change vs opening the floodgates of taxpayer’s money? More and more questions then I have answer for? Thankfully we had invested only 8% of our capital in the Oct’08 OPNewsletter portfolios.

Further questions to ponder? Think of it for a minute…what if even this package is not able to stimuate markets for sustained gains? what if the rally loses steam by afternoon? what if we even close in negative territory? VIX is back up at > 30 levels which ideally should have crashed like a hot potato for such a massive rally…there are just more and more questions than I have answers for.

Trade VERY carefully, profitable trading, OP







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