The Best Monday

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Recall my last week’s post– “SNP, another beautiful trade, +16%, but I am still in as it is just breaking out”, just one day in trade and it yielded over +100% gains. ZINC, I loved it more than gold and was rewarded very nicely (there are no options so I had to buy stocks).  I also mentioned “In last few minutes preparing for next week, all the ones that are dampened today due to pinning, expecting those to fly next week i.e. CAT, FCX, PCU, GOOG and others”. Thank you CAT, you are up +20%. FCX is almost flat. What a solid start to Monday!

I came to know about GRP from Mad Money. I thought I will run “Value investing” to see if it’s really cheap. And guess what, so far whatever I have researched, I like it for long. Today’s action represented some opportunity (after it’s run when Cramer mentioned it a few days ago). If I get sometime this week, I shall share my analysis on why I like it. But mind it, it’s loooooong term and don’t get into it unless you can digest 50% dip (recall the famous quotes from all the great Value investors) 

Oh btw, this month I am biased for directional trades.

Cheers and profitable trading, OP






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