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Because OptionPundit helps them consistently outperform the markets.

Since 2006, smart options traders all around the world have relied on OptionPundit to learn what works in Options Trading and to achieve consistent results via proper risk management and efficient capital allocation.


Up +81.3%, Visible Improvement

I started afresh last April with a 15K USD portfolio. Today the Portfolio stands at 27.2K USD, a YTD Profit of close to 81.3% (after Commissions). I think i can see a visible improvement in my Trading style and my Psychology. More importantly , am clear about Entry exit , risk and taking Losses.

Thanks Again.

Ajay Sunder

Ajay Sunder, Singapore


No Service Comes Even Close to OptionPundit

I first subscribed to OPN in April 2009 and this was the first time I was exposed to all those income strategies (condors, calendars etc.)…I came into conclusion that in terms of consistency, risk management, educational value and comprehensive solution there is no service that comes even close to OPN

Thanks Again.

Kim Klaiman

Toronto, Canada

Just 1 Trade paid for Entire Year of Service

Sandy Lord, Texas, USA

I am Now a Believer

When I first saw the results you were posting on your website I must admit I was a little skeptical that this was for real but after signing up and taking the trades since last year I am now a believer. I also like the way you answer our questions and are willing to share your knowledge with us. To me this is much more than just a newsletter, we are making money as we are learning !

Thank You.

Chris Lekas

Dania Beach, Florida, USA

Overwhelmingly Profitable, Extremely Happy

I am extremely Happy with my subscription. Most of the spec trades that I’ve taken have been overwhelmingly profitable as well. OPN differs from other Newsletters in that OP provides timely, suggested adjustments for his Income Strategy recommendations.

Sam Russo

Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

Only Path to Consistent and Repeatable Profitability

In my opinion, this style of options trading is the only path to consistent and repeatable profitability. I also have not found another service that puts all of these strategies together the way that does. I sincerely appreciate the time and efforts you put into your service for your members, especially at the price you offer it for. True knowledge is priceless.

Thanks again.

David Castello

Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

One of Best in Consistency

I have tried several newsletters earlier and this is definitely one of the best in terms of consistency. My experience with OPN has been extremely satisfactory (i have been a member for just 2 months). I like the way you report the results and it educates us a great deal not only with the trades, but with the management, documentation etc. Cannot find such overall trade management newsletter that easily. I certainly see myself recommending you to my mother’s retirement income portfolio on a small account and I think that surmises the trust I have with OPN.

Thanks again.

Ram Krishnamurthy

Ashburn, VA, USA]

It’s More Than just a Newsletter

OPNewsletter is more than just a stock newsletter.The focus is not on selling more subscriptions but on producing consistent results month after month, while providing invaluable education along the way. The personal attention you receive is unbelievable.

Poorna Bhimavarapu

New Jersey, Country: USA

One Month Returns Paid for Entire Year of Service

I have being about 16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers. Some brokers were purely option traders and others were stock fund managers. I have had both very good years and bad years but progressively the good years have being vanishing. Last year I decided to start working more aggressively to learn different options techniques and put them to the test. In my search for knowledge I came across the Option Pundit website. On my first month of trading with OP, I made enough money to pay my annual subscription and provided a good boost to my portfolio. Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers. I am also very impressed with the caliber of many forum members who constantly add valuable comments and information. My experience these first two months with OP have being very enriching and rewarding.

Luis González

Thousand Oaks, California, USA

I am Communicating with a Mentor and Friend

I have been a keen reader of your blog for almost a year and when you initially started OPN I jumped in rightway knowing this is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from somebody who is the top of his game. What I admire most about you/OPN is not just the trades but the education and the personal touch. I feel like I am communicating with a mentor and friend.

Learning from you is an incredible experience. Your depth of knowledge is vast and you can explain in a language one can easily understand. Prior to discovering your website my experience with options is primarily long calls , puts and vertical spreads at best. You introduced me to income trading and inspired me to learn a lot about options. These strategies suit my style where I don’t have to watch the market tick by tick.

Your results speak for themselves. They are consistent and outstanding in a market as volatile as it can get over the last one year. I am looking forward to work with you for a long long time. Finally I want to thank all OPN members for making OPN an outstanding community.

Sridhar Avula

New York, US

Diversification, Allocation and Risk Management

I’ve been an active investor for over two decades and I’ve been trading options for several years with moderate levels of success. I’ve paid for a number of other services over the years and can state categorically you KNOW your craft! You don’t advertise only the profitable trades and ignore the unprofitable trades like many other subscriptions services. What I like best is you diversify your operating capital across several mini portfolios each with with an asset allocation recommendation. This alone is worth the price of admission, since we all too often incorrectly allocate working capital to our positions.

It’s hard to consistently make money in the options arena and, so far, you have an impressive winning streak going. I can only hope you keep the number of subscribers small and enjoy continued success with your income producing options strategies.


Lewisville, TX, USA

Follow Along in Real-time and Ask Questions

I guess I would summarize by saying that OP is like a trading simulator simulating all the aspects of trading not just the identification of a trade and entry. You can follow along in real-time and ask questions and see what others are saying as the trades unfold. It doesn’t hurt that most of the times we make money in the process. And when those times occur when the trade goes against us, OP does his best to correct either this trade or offset in another trade so that we, including himself, come out ok. Most of the time, he pulls it off (though it still scares the heck out of me).

Wayne Hom

San Mateo, CA USA

Consistency and Capital Preservation

I like the consistency in monthly profits from your your service. Capital preservation is very important in investing and this service seeks to do that making sure that our hard earned money is preserved at all costs. Keep up the good work and the great consistency in making money month after month.



Even for me Who has been Trading for 40 years

You were very thorough, concise, and specific and detailed in your examples and illustrations. It was well worth the time, even for someone like me who has been trading options for over 40 years.

Chuk Mellon

Bangkok, Thailand

Commitment to Subscribers is Top Quality

First off, let me begin by saying that your level of commitment to your subscribers is top shelf quality, and greatly appreciated. Once a recommendation is posted, your timely adjustments certainly reflect what is going on in the market real time, and the attention you pay to detailed risk management is HUGE..I can honestly say I did not expect this type of performance when I initially enrolled, but am quite elated and content with the service thus far. I would highly recommend your service to any option trader at any skill level.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experiences, and keep up the great work.

Kevin Sass

Gilbert, AZ, USA USA

US$7000+ in last 3 months Alone

As a direct result of learning under him, $7000 profit during the last three months alone . My trading skills as well as results have improved significantly



A First-Rate Service

This must be one of the best-kept secrets around. Option Pundit is a fantastic service for both the novice and seasoned trader, consistently profitable and a great learning resource as well.

OP has a deep understanding of options trading but never loses sight of the overall market picture. Trades are done as part of a portfolio so that our risks are managed and non-directional. Usually there’s a “plan for the day” sent out first thing in the morning, and often the trading alerts are sent out before market open as advance orders, occasionally with conditions attached in case things don’t play out as expected, so we can avoid entering unfavorable trades. The alerts themselves are very detailed and include suggested limits based on present prices so they should be achievable, and he typically adds a “don’t pay more than..” which is really helpful.

The portfolio approach is a bit different, as often we’ll open a position to start and then add to it over the next few days, but it’s nice knowing it’s all part of a larger plan of action. Adjustments are signaled with plenty of time to act on them and I find that generally the members seem to have no problem getting the prices suggested. There’s also some speculative trading ideas posted that members can choose to follow.

It really is like having a coach and mentor alongside, but members could simply wait for the alerts and follow along since it’s a very simple system. And very profitable; the trades entered into seem to be high-probability ones and so there’s less stress trying to angle for every last penny in getting filled. Highly recommended and a bargain for the price

Saud al-Khalid

Saudi Arabia

I Feel I am invited to share a Secret to Build Wealth and Education for Sustained Income

My experience with OPN is so far, excellent. You take very good care of your participants. So much so that I wonder how long you can keep it going. If you remember I indicated that your newsletter circulation by its very nature must remain small. In order for you to keep the excellent one-on-one relationships you have with your readers, you must have a limited base. Likewise from a trading standpoint, if your followings get too large you will affect the option market and defeat the purpose of the newsletter. In my limited experience, this is the only newsletter that I am aware of with direct personal responses from the writer. You are extremely open with your results, and that I believe is a benefit. From all appearances you too have skin in the game. I might say that your record is truly amazing so far. I have already learned a great deal just by watching some of the previous trades. I am astounded that selling and buying options can be made in such a way as to limit capital exposure. Unfortunately I do think of the newsletter as a self-limiting endeavor. If too many folks are locked into OPN, I think it will be difficult, if not impossible to keep your current track record. I presently feel as if I have been invited to share a secret that can not only build wealth, but also can provide an education that will allow sustained income. I don’t want that to be damaged or destroyed in the near term.

Thank you for this opportunity to share my experiences, and keep up the great work.

David Severy

Moorpark, CA, USA

To the point, Focused and Responsive

My experience with OPN has been very satisfying. I had previously tried a number of newsletters in my endeavor to both generate a consistent income and to improve my knowledge of option trading. None of the other services I tried came close to OP in either respect. OP is less arrogant, more to the point, more focused and more responsive than any other service I have tried. In answering my questions, he has also proven to be very knowledgeable and, importantly, willing to share his knowledge. He is delivering consistent income and consistent answers to my endless questions.

Pradeep Nawani

Shanghai, China

Income Investing, Growing Quickly

I actually got interested in the idea of income investing from your site and tried my hand at it for a few months before the newsletter. But actually seeing the trades you place in the newsletter has helped me grow quickly in my understanding of various strategies and how to adjust them. I’m here to learn and to increase capital. So far I’m very happy with the results.

Ben Burrell

Winston Salem NC, USA

Don’t Have to Stay in Front of Computer EVERYDAY

I must say it is my best choice since I started my trading 1 year ago. I like the way how OP adjust its trade according to the market condition where risks are minimise and at the same time achieving wonderful returns months after months. With OP’s approach, u don’t have to stay in front of the computer EVERYDAY and you won’t have to go to bed worrying that if the market crashes, your entire capital will be gone. OP make sures that the downside of your portfolio is protected and your money is working hard for you.
Besides achieving great returns, OPN is a great place to learn and improve your knowledge about options trading. All I can say is that OPN is far better than those seminars that claimed to make magnificent returns but failed to deliver and I am happy to be an OPN subsriber.

Aron Tan


The Best Thing that Ever Happened to My Trading Career

I love this newsletter. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to my trading career. I’m a sort of a risky trader and have lost a considerable amount of money in my past. I needed to follow someone I can trust and see how trades are executed and learn. This is exactly what I needed. I have already gotten one of my co workers to sign on the list (Bryce catlain). He is a fellow engineer and he is VERY systematic. He is following your trades and analyzing your performance before he decides to put in real money. So far he is quite impressed.
I do however have one concern. I know this list is not open to the public, meaning not everyone on the Internet can join. This is probably a good thing, but when does the amount of people joining begin to affect the trades? Most of us are small traders, meaning we’re probably trading with less than a 100K trading account. But I’m wondering what happens if more people learn about this list and you get big time players (like, say, a hedge fund manager) who deals with millions of dollars.

Mike Karmindro

San Mateo, USA

I Want OPN All To Myself

I was initially not sure if i wanted to give a testimonial. I am a little afraid that this service could turn into a “what works on wallstreet” disaster. If you are unaware- A smart gentleman wrote a book by that tittle. In it he had years of research indicating strategies that have worked for 50yrs in some cases. He then capitalized on the books findings by starting a Large Mutual fund which then underperformed the market for a “relatively” long time! “What USED to work on wallstreet!!! LOL I WANT OPN ALL TO MYSELF!
OPN is a great service. It is Transparent, insightful, and reactive to the market. I have tried dozens of sites on the web… some good others crooks! OP falls into his own category… Not only is OPN a great way to avoid beginner’s loss, you could actually hope to learn from OP’s mastery with time and effort. This is not a site for the self proclaimed hobbyist options maverick. However, if you want to use this site as a way to steepen your learning curve by follow up on OP’s insights with homework, then i welcome you to our “community.”
I have been trading/investing in stocks and futures since my senior year of high school. Now i am finishing up my undergrad with a major in finance. I came to OPN with a very strong foundation in options theory… now i put it to practice!
By summer’s end i will be a: RIA, CFP, CTA and a professional money manager of a small Hedge fund.

Damian Bergamaschi

Long Island, NY USA


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