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An interesting week. Major market indices broke their four-week-long losing streak this past week. Whether it is a pause before next downleg begins or resumption of the primary Bull market, remains to be seen. We opened 3 portfolios for March 2010 by investing 43.4% of portfolio capital so far. As of Friday close, OPNewsletter for March’10 is  up +4.9% x-commissions. If you would like to sign-up for the OPNewsletter, pls click here to sign-up for the waitlist.

Here is the weekly testimonial and this is from one of the anchor OPN members, Sam Russo. Sam has been with OPNewsletter for now almost 2 years. During this period many interested visitors wrote personal e-mails to him to clarify about OPNewsletter. I am so much grateful to him for his kind words and patient replies to them; many of whom have become OPN members. Sam is not affiliated with OPNewsletter and doesn’t get any commissions etc. for referring. This is in the true spirit of helping other traders learn-n-grow together. Sam has not only helped other members but also helped me in improving OPNewsletter’s overall structure by providing continuous feedback. Thank you Sam.

I have been an OP Newsletter subscriber for about 3 months. I’ve been trading options for 2 years.

I am extremely Happy with my subscription. I have taken most of OP’s suggested Income Strategy trades and they have been overwhelmingly profitable. The ones I did not take, due to travel or just plain second guessing, ultimately turned out to be profitable as well. LOL.

Most of the spec trades that I’ve taken have been overwhelmingly profitable as well.

OPN differs from other Newsletters in that OP provides timely, suggested adjustments for his Income Strategy recommendations. He, or other subscribers, are quick to answer my questions. This keeps you in the trade with an expert assisting you, and teaches you how to trade these strategies at the same time. In addition, I have found OP to be very responsive to questions as well as feedback.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Feel free to contact me at smrusso@aol.com.

Sam Russo
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

Thank you so much Sam.  I appreciate your kind words and support.

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Profitable Trading, OP



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