Solid Gains from OPNExtra

OP Income Newsletter is focused on income strategies via a diversified portfolio and that has been the basis for almost 5 years now.

Last week I introduced a FREE feature for OPN members where buy/sell ideas for short term trading (typically 5-7 days) are provided with spefic profit/exit point everyday. The risk reward ratio is attractive and for those who are able to day trade (or have a mechanical way to automate trading) this provides a good additional diversification of the portfolio.

Here is the status update of the 1st week’s PERFORMANCE TRACKING:

TXI +$4.0 points, TSCO +$3.2 points, EQT+$1.74, MPC +$1.09,  RAX booked for approximately +$1.00 point, MCK +$0.68, FB +$0.70 points, UTHR +$0.6, COST +$0.47, BUD +$0.28, RTN +$0.31;

FMX -$0.32, MKC -$0.1, SHOO -$0.14 points, and stoppped out at PAY for -$0.98 loss.  .

All gainls/loss are based on the price action from the trade trigger proint and are in terms of stock’s gains or losswere options traded on these positions, the gains and losses would have been magnified. For instance – TSCO ATM/OTM option would have doubled during the day from the trigger point.

OPN Speculative trades were not behind either-

INFY +175%, VIX Calendar +12%, +8.3% and again +5% while UVXY calls and SPY straddles were square for breakeven to partial loss.

Above trade ideas are treated as accelerator as only a small fraction of capital is invested in those trades.  If would like to join, pls click here to join.

Profitable Trading, OP






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