SKF Smiling Flies, +100%

The free trade idea on SKF resulted in +100% gains.

screenhunter_01-mar-21-0433 First starting with FDX and NKE, I had these puts from the starts but even those who followed the notice and decided to follow the trade must have benefitted as well. Then I shared smiling butterflies on SKF, High Risk High Reward Trade, and it closed for +100% gains for one day holding. NKE was pinned at $45 (GS, AAPL, and POT weren’t really pinned this time). Though I identified GOOG pin at 330 in the beginning but I was biased for it move closer to 325 or 335 and mentioned accordingly on the forum.

Net net, a fantastic, thrilling and rewarding option expiration day. Congratulations to those who benefitted from the SKF/NKE and PUTs as well.

Profitabel Trading, OP


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