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RUT Iron Condor (update-profit 27.6%)

Published on November 9, 2006

RUT Iron Condor (update-profit 27.6%)

November 9, 2006

This is to update that I have closed one of the Iron condors on RUT earning $2.10 credit on $7.60 risk. That gives me kool 27.6% for 1 month holding. Attached below is my transaction details.

I still have another IC that is 720/710/810/820 that I had sold for $2.15. It is currently selling for $0.30. I have earned $1.85 already; that is $1.85 over $7.85 i.e. another 23.5%.

Currently RUT is at 764 and that is 96% of expiring worthless as it is about 50 points away from my short legs.

Profitable trading,

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