RUT Iron Condor : May 07 final

As my original Iron condor was not filled, I revised my Iron condor to shorter range. Though this is no my idea trade but I wanted to benefit from long weekend (due to theta decay). This was one of the most difficult fill for me for two reasons- 1) slow connection speed (I had extended my travel by one more week, and 2) very low implied volatility on call side. It was, I shall say, the most tough fill for RUT in my past nearly 8months. In any case here is what I was finally able to get filled:

  • BUY: Call 870 and Put-750
  • SELL: Call 860 and Put 760
  • Credit: $2.05,
  • ROM: 25.7%

The risk to reward graph is not per my desire as its 860 is not even 1 standard deviation away but that was the farthest strike I could have gone for a good risk/reward trade.

rut-may-07-ic-chart.png    rut-may-07-ic.png

Next week, I shall be back and should be opening other income trades. Stay tuned.Profitable trading, OptionPundit







3 responses to “RUT Iron Condor : May 07 final”

  1. chiu Avatar

    The premium is directly proportional to the IV. The May 860/870 Call Spread has an IV of 12.3 and the May 760/750 Put Spread has an IV of 23.5. So it is the premium on the Bear Call spread that is low.

  2. odaz60zy Avatar

    I don’t trade futures. Will trading IWM options work?

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    odaz60zy, I also don’t trade futures (at least now) so I don’t really understand the concern here. IWM options will work? for which strategy? are you referring to this IC? If yes, it depends on the risk/reward you’re otaining and if that suits your trading strategy. Generally i have noticed premium may not be good enough on IWM when compared with RUT.

    Profitable trading

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