RUT Iron Condor (Jan’07)

I have collected $2177 out of possible $3100 from the RUT Jan Iron condor. That’s about 70% of total premium that I can generate by selling IC. This is app 31% profit for the Iron condor and just 3 weeks to go for the Jan expiration cycle.

Some of you might be surprised how could I receive such high premium. I am using 2 months rolling strategy and this premium was achieved by opening this highly probable trade 2 months ago and with theta gains. Currently RUT is at $788 and my short strikes are 840 and 750 (97% and 87% chance of expiring worthless). If it expires worthless, my total return on this trade are expected to be 44.9%.

It’s difficult to post the actual trades pictures as that involve quite a few adjustments. If you have any questions/comments, we can discuss it here at: Rut IC Jan 07

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  1. Mike Avatar

    Greetings; how can we read about your RUT “2 months rolling strategy”? Also how did your trades do when the bottom fell out in February?

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