RCH, Closed for +21%, Missed Big Upside

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Before I start my commentary about RCH, I am a firm believer in No coulda, woulda, shoulda. The trade was closed as per trailing stop order. It was filled at $11.02, so I rode it from $9.07 to $11.07 but I was “washed-n-rinsed”. Since my sale in the very first candle, the stock is up another +60%, all that within a day.

Why I am sharing this? On one hand this is painful, but on the other it is an excellent reminder of need for balance between “Fear” and “Greed”. I followed a trading system and made it mechanical, took the emotions out from it which often are cause for “losses”.

CAM is breaking out to new high, check it out for bullish direction. BTW, some of you have mentioned that you are not getting my alerts timely, pls ensure that mails from OptionPundit doesn’t go to your spam folder.

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  1. Robert L. Avatar
    Robert L.

    RCH 26.38


  2. Dmitry Avatar

    Has anybody tried Sell@Market — adaptive trailing stop. Looks very interesting!

    “Sell@Market is an online service designed to help protect your gains and cut down your losses on stock trading. “Let you profits grow, and cut dow your losses” is the most important rule of a professional trader. That’s Sell@Market is about.

    The service is based on the Adaptive version of Trailing Stop. Adaptability is based on an efficient choice of the Trailing stop percent according to the risk of a specific stock.

    It’s as easy as that! Sell@Market automatically monitors your stocks in real-time and recommends you to sell at the right moment. Service analyzes the quotes of stocks in your watchlist on a daily basis and recalculates the trailing stop percent. If the stop price has been reached for any of your stocks, you receive an email notification from the service. “

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