Positive Power & Influence

For past several days I was busy attending this workshop that deals with influencing styles. What a training! Though relatively expensive, but if you are working for a company and if your company has a corporate trainging program that offers this training, go for it. Four days of intensive training didn’t let me trade though, but this was surely one of the best investment I ever did.


This training and this word (Positive power & influence, PPI) are copyright and trademark of “Situation Management System, Inc.”.  This training primarily revolves around influencing behaviours and several styles. It also educates one on how one can adapt to different styles depending upon situation and person. I surely had an eye-opening experience on what my pre-dominant style was and I am going to apply the styles that I have learned.

During this week, I did some required adjustments to my May’07 trades that I had shared via e-mail alerts to registered users. I also opened one new trade that I couldn’t share due to lack of time. I shall be sharing details soon and will let the registered users know via e-mail alert.

Other interesting thing that happened during this week- Google featured “OptionPundit” in its “blog posts” for Amazon and I saw huge traffic flowing to OptionPundit after the earning results were annouced. Thank you Google!

Stay Tuned, Profitable trading,







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